Don’t Get in the Winter Slump


Hey everyone! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season! I know I did, and am sad to see it go. With the end comes new beginnings and styles to look forward to! Now I know with winter coming up it can be very easy to get into a slump when it comes to your style. Here are some great tips to stay warm, but stylish all at the same time!

It is important to remember that you can be comfy and warm while still looking in style. Instead of throwing on that big ugly comfy sweatshirt you so desperately want to wear try an over sized sweater. It is still comfy and warm, but much cuter than the ugly sweatshirt. The good thing about wearing over sized sweaters is that they are very in style and can be warn with leggings, jeans, or work out pants.

Now when it comes to make-up in the winter it can be very easy to get lazy and just not do it, or do as little as possible. Don’t get stuck in that habit, then you start getting lazy in the way you dress as well. Look at my simple everyday make-up tutorial for a look that works for anyone. It is easy and take minimal time to do it.

Hair I know can be a hassle in the winter when having to dry it and style it. Pick a day where you don’t have to be anywhere and wash your hair that day. This way you have plenty of time to style your hair. If you style your hair the first day it makes doing the following days easier on yourself. I personally get really lazy doing my hair, but I have found doing a cute messy bun(look at my tutorial on how to do it), messy pony tail, or even a quick braid is easy and cute.

Now don’t get me wrong having lazy clothes days is something everyone needs to do in the winter! Just remember not to take that look to work or any places you want to make an impression.

XOXO Court

Everyday Make-up Tutorial

Hey guys! I have this really fun tutorial on my everyday make-up routine. In the video it shows you the products I use and how I use them.

Things to remember is that using a primer before you use your make-up helps it last longer and also helps to prep your face for what you are about to put on it. When picking out a primer think about the type of skin you have, if you have dry skin use something moisturizing and if you have a dry face use a non oily product. If you have normal then use what you feel would be best for your face, I use non oily because I tend to get break outs. The foundation that I use has become one of my favorites because it has a Matt finish and it feels like I have nothing on my face. The powder I use is a compact powder, and it helps to give my face a finished look. Now when I put my blush on I always have to remember to put on more than I think, because the lighting inside is more intense than the natural lighting outside. I love highlighter! It’s not for everyone, but it can add a “I spent more time on my face” look when in reality you spent minimal time. When filling in your eyebrows remember to use a color that is a little bit lighter than your actual color so that it has more of a natural look. If you guys have any questions at all leave me a comment!!!

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My Face Care


So I have been asked many times about my face care routine, and so I thought today that I would tell you all about it! I use Rodan and Fields sensitive facial care. This consists of a four step process. Facial wash, treatment, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

The facial wash is more like a rinse than a soap, which I like so I don’t have a film that built up on my skin. The directions say to use a quarter size amount on your face. If you have dry skin they recommend not wetting your face before using the product, but then rinse it off with water and pat dry. If you have a more oily face wet your face before using the product then rinse with water and pat dry. I tend to have break outs, so I like to wet my face before I put the wash on my face.

Step two is to use the treatment. The directions say to use a pea size amount and rub on face until it has completely absorbed into the face. I love the treatment, because I also have eczema on my arms and back and I will put the treatment on the patches twice a day and it has improved dramatically. The thing you have to remember with the treatment though is that you can only use it twice a day because it is a strong product.

Step three is to use the moisturizer. The directions say to use a peas size amount after putting the treatment on your face. I will also use the moisturizer on my eczema as well to help keep the patches from doing out. The moisturizer is great because it is oil free and does not clog your pores like some do.

Last step is to apply spf 30 broad spectrum sunscreen in the mornings. When thinking about the sun and the damage that it does to your face, you should always apply a skin protectant everyday. I apply my sunscreen and then put my make-up right over the top, and I know I am protected.

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Make-up and Your Skin


So sorry I have been gone! This week I want to talk about make up and what products I like to use for myself, and what I recommend for for different skin types. When wearing make up always remember to be yourself, and don’t try to put more on if thats not what you are comfortable with.

When I do my make up I always make sure to wear what feels and looks good on my face. Like so many other women I struggle with an oily T zone and dry cheeks. When I put my make up on I make sure to use a primer to help control the oil, but also help my cheeks become moisturized. Next I use an oil free base with full coverage, an then putting a powder in my T zone to help keep the oiliness at bay. I will then put on blush and highlighter. I don’t like to fully contour my face, because it is a lot of work and I don’t always feel it looks natural. I will then fill in my eyebrows and put on eye liner. Then I use a setting spray before I put on my mascara or else it tends to run. I like to keep my everyday make up simple and easy to do in a hurry. If I have more time I will add more eye make up.

For those of you who are very oily I recommend using all oil free products and also using lighter make up that doesn’t cake on to your face. When you have excess oil on your face it is important to wash your face twice a day to help remove the oil and dirt. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT use apple cider vinegar on your face to try and put your natural oils back in your face. This is a big no no in the beauty industry, and is not healthy for your face. I still recommend using a primer and powder to help keep the oil at bay. Another idea is to just use a primer and then a full coverage powder on your face so you font have to worry about your face breaking out from foundation.For those of you who have more of a dry face having products that have oil in them is not a bad thing. Just be careful to always wash it off at the end of the day to prevent break outs. I would recommend using a foundation and maybe a setting powder if you would like. I like the setting powder, because I personally don’t like feeling like I can just wipe off my make up.

If you guys have and questions or comment put them below and please follow my blog! Remember you are beautiful by just being yourself!

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Hair Care


Hey guys! So this week I have some great new post for you! I am currently working on some video tutorials for you guys to watch. I really also want to focus on talking about hair for this weeks talking post.

My hair is a very big part of who I am. I make sure that I use good products on my hair and pay attention to what works in it and what doesn’t. I know that my hair loves texture so hair spray and dry shampoo are products that I use everyday. Some really great products that I love are the Moroccan  Oil dry shampoo in the light tones, they also have a dark tone one for those of you who have medium to dark brown hair. I also love the Kenra products, they are amazing and smell very heavenly. I use the volume hair spray which has a very strong hold, as well as the blow dry spray. My hair tends to get oily very fast so I tend to stay away from any oils, but if you have thick hair or hair that is dry using an oil on the ends of your hair can make a very big difference.

Although it may sound gross I do not wash my hair everyday, and either should you. Washing your hair everyday can actually cause your hair to become oily faster. The reason for this is, by washing your hair everyday you are removing your natural oils that your hair needs causing your oil glands to over produce. I personally can go three to four days without washing my hair. Now that does not mean that I started out that way, I had to train my hair to be able to go that long. Start out by washing your hair every other day and put dry shampoo in before you go to bed after the one day mark. So if you was your hair in the morning put in the dry shampoo that night, but if you wash your hair at night put it in the following night. As time goes on you will notice that your hair will stop over producing and you can add another day on.

If you guys have any hair questions please don’t hesitate to ask, I would love to help you out!

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Going From Summer to Fall

Hey guys! I’m so excited to share with you this great transition outfit into fall. As you guys know going into fall from summer the days start cool, get hot, and then back to cool. It can be very hard to keep up with, but the best advice I can you give you is wear  layers!  For this outfit I started with a lighter pair of simple ripped jeans ( you can always wear jeans with more or less rips), a solid colored tee, and a plaid button up shirt. What I really love to do when it gets hot is to tie my shirt around my waist. I paired my outfit with a cute pair of tennis shoes, a simple pair or stud earrings, and a simple cross necklace. This is a very cute and relaxed look that is also comfy and can be changed to fit anyones comfort zone. When I wear an outfit like this I like to wear a loose fitting shirt to help me stay cool and comfy. You can also wear a tighter shirt or tank if you prefer. This outfit can really go, I believe, with any body type.

summer fall transition 3

Another great thing about this outfit is you can dress it up a bit for work or going to happy hour with friends. I added a long necklace, bracelets, and a pair of sandals with a heal. If you don’t like heals adding a nice pair of flat sandals is another option as well. Although I did choose a pair of jeans with rips, you can always wear a darker wash without the rips if that is more appropriate for a work day.

Remember that you don’t need super extravagant accessories to dress up an outfit. Adding a necklace or bracelets is a great way to spice up any outfit. Also just because an outfit is comfy doesn’t mean it has to be yoga pants and a t-shirt. Finding clothes you feel comfortable in and adding simple details like a necklace or button up shirt can change the way an outfit looks. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Leave a comment if your try this look, I would love to see your style!

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