Hair Care


Hey guys! So this week I have some great new post for you! I am currently working on some video tutorials for you guys to watch. I really also want to focus on talking about hair for this weeks talking post.

My hair is a very big part of who I am. I make sure that I use good products on my hair and pay attention to what works in it and what doesn’t. I know that my hair loves texture so hair spray and dry shampoo are products that I use everyday. Some really great products that I love are the Moroccan  Oil dry shampoo in the light tones, they also have a dark tone one for those of you who have medium to dark brown hair. I also love the Kenra products, they are amazing and smell very heavenly. I use the volume hair spray which has a very strong hold, as well as the blow dry spray. My hair tends to get oily very fast so I tend to stay away from any oils, but if you have thick hair or hair that is dry using an oil on the ends of your hair can make a very big difference.

Although it may sound gross I do not wash my hair everyday, and either should you. Washing your hair everyday can actually cause your hair to become oily faster. The reason for this is, by washing your hair everyday you are removing your natural oils that your hair needs causing your oil glands to over produce. I personally can go three to four days without washing my hair. Now that does not mean that I started out that way, I had to train my hair to be able to go that long. Start out by washing your hair every other day and put dry shampoo in before you go to bed after the one day mark. So if you was your hair in the morning put in the dry shampoo that night, but if you wash your hair at night put it in the following night. As time goes on you will notice that your hair will stop over producing and you can add another day on.

If you guys have any hair questions please don’t hesitate to ask, I would love to help you out!

XO Court

One thought on “Hair Care

  1. Elisa Campbell says:

    Hi! Could you do a tutorial on how to get that loose curly hair look that I see so often? My hair was wavy for a few years when I lived in a humid climate but now it’s back to it’s indecisive straight in front/wavy in back state and I need to give it some guidance. The only way I can describe it is big loose curls and the ends are straight. Let me know if you need more…


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