My Face Care


So I have been asked many times about my face care routine, and so I thought today that I would tell you all about it! I use Rodan and Fields sensitive facial care. This consists of a four step process. Facial wash, treatment, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

The facial wash is more like a rinse than a soap, which I like so I don’t have a film that built up on my skin. The directions say to use a quarter size amount on your face. If you have dry skin they recommend not wetting your face before using the product, but then rinse it off with water and pat dry. If you have a more oily face wet your face before using the product then rinse with water and pat dry. I tend to have break outs, so I like to wet my face before I put the wash on my face.

Step two is to use the treatment. The directions say to use a pea size amount and rub on face until it has completely absorbed into the face. I love the treatment, because I also have eczema on my arms and back and I will put the treatment on the patches twice a day and it has improved dramatically. The thing you have to remember with the treatment though is that you can only use it twice a day because it is a strong product.

Step three is to use the moisturizer. The directions say to use a peas size amount after putting the treatment on your face. I will also use the moisturizer on my eczema as well to help keep the patches from doing out. The moisturizer is great because it is oil free and does not clog your pores like some do.

Last step is to apply spf 30 broad spectrum sunscreen in the mornings. When thinking about the sun and the damage that it does to your face, you should always apply a skin protectant everyday. I apply my sunscreen and then put my make-up right over the top, and I know I am protected.

XOXO Court


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