Everyday Make-up Tutorial

Hey guys! I have this really fun tutorial on my everyday make-up routine. In the video it shows you the products I use and how I use them.

Things to remember is that using a primer before you use your make-up helps it last longer and also helps to prep your face for what you are about to put on it. When picking out a primer think about the type of skin you have, if you have dry skin use something moisturizing and if you have a dry face use a non oily product. If you have normal then use what you feel would be best for your face, I use non oily because I tend to get break outs. The foundation that I use has become one of my favorites because it has a Matt finish and it feels like I have nothing on my face. The powder I use is a compact powder, and it helps to give my face a finished look. Now when I put my blush on I always have to remember to put on more than I think, because the lighting inside is more intense than the natural lighting outside. I love highlighter! It’s not for everyone, but it can add a “I spent more time on my face” look when in reality you spent minimal time. When filling in your eyebrows remember to use a color that is a little bit lighter than your actual color so that it has more of a natural look. If you guys have any questions at all leave me a comment!!!

XOXO Court

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